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Coca Cola Speakers, USB + Micro SD + Mini USB + Power backup

| October 29, 2013 | 2 Comments
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I encountered with these coca cola speakers few months back in an electronic shop and I wondered why an electronic shop is selling coca cola cans. Yes as you see in the image these speakers doesn’t looks like speaks but they really are.

coca cola speakers

These coca cola speakers can fake any person at first sight and are very handy to use and carry around. These speakers support USB device. You can insert your pen drive and play audio directly, they also have a support for micro SD cards, not only this they also have mini USB port which is used as a power backup, charging the speakers and connecting it to your devices like laptop and mobiles. Along with these input options this speaker has a volume controller which can also be used switch the songs  next or previous. The Speaker has a power button from which you can switch it on or off.

That’s not finish for this great gadget. It also has an inbuilt FM for you to enjoy songs directly from Air. Not only FM it also has the power backup of up to 2 hours of continuous playing. What all you can expect from a mini portable speakers. Why am saying this is because these speakers are available at very nominal price. Nominal in the sense you don’t  regret even your device doesn’t works or have some issue. I purchased it for Just Rs 220 for very famous “Palika Bazaar” New Delhi. I have even seen people paying 500 for these speakers in front of me as its a very cool gadget for music lovers.

Now coming to the sound quality, I would say that’s pity decent. The quality along with bit of bass effect and the volume of course is good comparing to other speakers I have used or seen.

This is a gadget that you can easily afford and you get more than what you pay for it. I truly loved it and even gifted it to my friends too.

Cons of coca cola speakers :

The only con I found in it was that the shopkeeper don’t provide you any warranty over this device as they are imported from China and are available for very cheap price. They are just use and throw speakers.

Summarizing in short :

  1. USB Port
  2. Micro SD Post
  3. Mini USB Port
  4. Volume Controller
  5. Build in FM
  6. Power backup up to 2 hours
  7. Price Rs 220~300
  8. Warranty : No

Ratings :

Look : 95/100
Facilities : 98/100
Price : 100/100
Voice quality : 85/100
Power backup : 80/100
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2 Comments on "Coca Cola Speakers, USB + Micro SD + Mini USB + Power backup"

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  1. Ashok Kumar says:

    Hello Arsh,

    That’s really nice, Please tell me where to buy this amazing product ??

    • admin says:

      This is a tough task but if you really looking forward for this product do visit you marketplace. They are also available on ebay @ $10 which is priced high.

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